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No hate no pride

No better no worse

It is our future world

Trust me it is a verse.

The world now speak no care

It only speak compare

It speak micromanage and accuse

It is not proper

telling everyone to compete

I disagree as I protect my friends and family

For them to have even a better life than me

In fact I wish them the best life.

When I see smile of an angel

My sadness disappear

My genuine sacrifice appear

For better world

I vow my proper

I promise your smile.

Our future world are all children

We ought to be children first

To support our children.

No hypocrisy

No judging

Sacrifice trusting divinity

It is today’s current affair

Be accountable.

Hate is retarded.

When you are older

Say I am no one

You are extraordinary

What is your perspective

I would speak to you

To see you angel

It is my command from divinity.

We are Eunuch

Live and speak proper

We raise Eunuch children.

Asking mercy intangible God

As faith for you would save us

forever and ever.

End division World

We are friends

We are children

We are TEAM Eunuch.

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