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            Community TV Network Coverage


"Eunuch Women United" on Community Television Network:

"Celebration of Eunuch Life" will premiere on your COMMUNITY TELEVISION NETWORK, CABLE CHANNEL 17 - Sunday, 7/9/23 at 9:28pm.


Additional replay times include: Monday, 7/10 at 7:58pm & 10:12pm; Tuesday, 7/11 at 2:28pm & 6:58pm; Wednesday, 7/12 at 1:58pm & 8:28pm; Thursday, 7/13 at 9:58am & 6:57pm; Friday, 7/14 at 12:28pm; and Saturday, 7/15 at 8:58am & 3:58pm; all on cable channel 17.

                           Events at Liberty Plaza

Title of Event: Celebration of Eunuch Life: Eunuch Women United Nonprofit                     

Event date and time would be listed when we would have permit from city of Ann Arbor.

              Events at Ann Arbor District Library
   It is listed is on WDIV and AADL Library websites &CTN Channel bulletin boards. 
        Title of Event: Celebration of Eunuch Life: Eunuch Women United Nonprofit  

We would be inviting for you to attend our presentation for the nonprofit at the Pittsfield Branch, Ann Arbor District Library (AADL) from 4:30pm-6:30pm. You don't have to attend for the entire time [anytime during the presentation anyone's schedule permits]. We would be able to answer to your question about our nonprofit, describe our mission and vision in detail and how together being "Eunuchs", we could change the world as we envisioned as a child. Share this with at least 5 people you know and ask for their kind consideration of attendance. we are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting for remote attendance in case you are not able to attend in person.

Topic: Celebration of Eunuch Life

FUTURE DATES AND TIMES AT AADL and zoom information would vibe available soon:

Event Place: Ann Arbor District Library Pittsfield Branch: Program Room (2359 Oak Valley Dr)

Open to Guest:  (Women, Children and Nonbinary)

Expected attendance: 35

Organization: Eunuch Women United

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