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Our Story

The stories are from a Domestic Violence shelter and it doesn’t represent happy families.  Oppression happens to and from every spectrum of the community, the stories are not supposed to be judgmental for anyone as every one of us were children and unfortunate events to a child made this world with many issues (Eunuch Women United IS NOT GENDER BIASED). INTENTIONAL /PREMEDITATED HYPOCRISY AND MOCKERY OF WOMEN IS SIN AND EVEN JESUS HATED IT.  We are FOR WHOEVER IS KIND HEARTED:


Story about our amazing Rebecca:

I came to know Rebecca at a Domestic Violence Survivor Shelter at Ann Arbor Michigan.  The reason I say she is amazing is because that she was an amazing believer of God to even to put her life in harm to protect and deliver many women who were kept hostage by a sex-related drug dealer.  She was kicked out by her departed partner’s family to keep her away from her children wrongfully and she had no place to go.  She ended up in the streets and was kidnapped by a drug dealer who overdose people and when they are incapable, they rape them.  The place she was taken, there were more women who were kidnapped and kept hostage in basement.  She had a surgery right before this and she was very weak and was let go from being raped and even allowed to stay upstairs of the home sometime to clean and cook. One day, she decided to talk to the person in charge of that drug dealer’s home and asked if she could go to restroom.  When she went, the drug dealer person in charge stepped away, when she returned, they didn’t see her but she saw the drug that the dealer used to put to overdose those women.  She quickly put a fair amount in the drink that the person in charge was having earlier and stepped away.  When returned, the person continued finishing the drink and lost conscious.  Rebecca went downstairs and got all women, including the one that couldn’t walk, carried her out of the home to a safe rescue.  Now, here is a story of a women who lost everything, ended up with women that she doesn’t know and being hostage for a while, she could have just run for her own life from that situation instead of taking the risk of helping every women’s lives which could mean death for her.  To be honest, I have to say that drug dealers and sex traffickers could be from every spectrum of the community and Rebecca never said the gender of the drug dealer /sex trafficker. God was present there to help them and then she came to the shelter I was at and she had no money as those horrible people has taken her unemployment benefit card.  She stayed ever gentle and continued showing her care to the women and children of residents at the shelter. For one of the women, she carried mace as that women were afraid of going outside (she and her daughter) feared being harmed by her departed partner who tried to kill her before. She went everywhere she went and assured her that she would be protected.  That woman was cured from PTSD because of her heroic action. Therefore, please help women as her with your kind heart as she would pray for your children, your moms, your grand moms, your neighbors as she knows how it feels to lose your dear ones. She is a believer and a hero. 


Story about our amazing Trista:

Trista is someone who would spend $100 for you if she only had $100, If it meant your daughter wanted a gift or you wanted something and don’t have the money. She would go hungry for weeks without that $100 in a shelter where I saw her and go to food pantries to get food for the residents at the shelter. She took one of the daughters and her mom to Red Robin as they didn’t go for an outing for last 7 years and they were tremendously abused by the women’s departed partner.  Once again, she spent $50 dollar that she had from her part-time and all her money was gone and she didn’t hesitate a bit for losing it as it meant happiness for that daughter.  She made a French braid on the daughter’s first day of school as her mom was disabled and fixed her mom’s hair too. Trista was injured from the assailant that limited her to work and any money she could earn she would spend for her children and other women and children and nothing for her.  Her custody was taken away from the system as she was wrongfully accused by her ex.  She used to bawl every day at the kitchen where she would see other children and her children were missing there. Please help women as Trista as she would pay any money, she has for your family members in a heart beat without any hesitation as she believes in bringing spirit of people when they are suffering.  Amazing kind heart and a believer.  



Story about our Amazing Jessica:

She has two sons and one of which greets everyone “Hi, Sister”.  Amazing mom and amazing children.  She and her baby son were hit and felt unsafe for her children and came to the shelter with both children.  The son who greets had some disability and she cared for both children with equal respect and sincere care and was fighting for custody and she was homeless and didn’t have a job. Please help women as her as they need help before they get harmed or the assailant get custody. If women can’t provide for a household, our current system is very unfair and we as citizens can make a difference, so be a difference, God would bless you abundantly.


Story about amazing Arssia:

She has two sons. Who are amazing students and very smart in education accomplishments. They both are very good at video games, very humble, credit to Arssia to respond to their need as living angel, for example going through the shelter pantry and finding what unique dinner can be prepared and she serve food with a prayer.  When they pray, they pray to holy spirit to make world a better place as the world has oppressed children who faces abuse everyday including being hungry for days. Arssia mentioned to her sons there is no accomplishments in life unless we wish good for our neighbors, family, friends.  She also named our organization, “Women United’ as she believed women or whoever identify as kind hearted are more oppressed all over the world and they can end this oppression by their passionate and kind heart not to side with anyone’s abuse and to offer help being appropriate for these women. Being united in trust of God within our hearts, we can make this world a better place as we are Eunuch children /moms/ daughter/sons who doesn’t wish bad on anyone.  Some of these women and children even die since they don’t have job and can’t leave unsafety. Please we are asking you to be in the place these women in empathy and make a difference. 


Story about Amazing Immigrant women at the shelter:

One of the women there was named Raina who was very educated and was continuously hit by her ex and mocked by the assailant’s friends which broke her spirit and the assailant even took away the Green Card so she couldn’t  go anywhere. She ran for her life in uncertainty to the shelter where I met her.  She tried to get numerous jobs; she had qualification but wasn’t appreciated much by the employers as it was not from the U.S.  She had practically no money and no ID.  She also showed tremendous care to all the residents at the shelter. The most amazing thing about Raina is that she is an advocate for justice and she research about every woman’s case and provide friendly advice. There were many other women who also were immigrants.  Almost all of them didn’t have ID, proper documentation, sometimes no degree/ degree from overseas and that is not first choice of the employer here.  Some of them have children and some of them don’t (which is the toughest). Department of Health and Human Services has limited services for these women and the important things that they need money is for education certification, longer time to stay somewhere safe and legal representation, case management and psychological /physical therapy/ medical cost as they are hurt for years before they made the step to enter a shelter.  Some of these women had to go back to the assailant who abuse mom and children.  Just imagine seeing the face of abuse for life, it impacts people physically and emotionally. These women need special care need more attention and they need funding and resources to alleviate them from the trauma they experience.  Therefore, please provide your donations for these kinds of women by may be giving away a very expensive Christmas gift because your children would understand if you told them about their fellow friends who don’t have money to just having a McDonalds family dinner in their own home. Some of these children are outside in bitter cold and hungry for days and some of these children are donating pennies that they find that people leave behind to McDonald charity box while they are hungry and waiting in the McDonalds lobby, because they believe even every penny can make difference if everyone cared. 



Story about amazing Emory: 

This young adult person has heart for everyone.  She is always there for emotional support for whoever she speaks to.  She makes dinner for every child at the shelter and the way she speaks to them is very kind, sincere and respectful.  She has been oppressed since childhood and never ever disrespected anyone and never reported anyone, instead lost everything for her. One of the women in the shelter had PTSD and she needed to take a class through online U of M school and needed a computer and didn’t have the money and afraid of talking to men with intimidation from trauma.  She took her to the curbside pick up area at Best Buy and when she was parked there with her daughter, she went inside and managed to get a woman representative to give a line of credit at best buy and help purchase a computer with student promotion that even gave her daughter air pod that she wanted. One of strength in her character Emory has is humble no matter how much she knows or how much she cares.  She is assertive and write personal protection order draft, impact statements etc. for the oppressed. 


Story about a nonbinary person: 

(Nonbinary person can seem as men or women and identify as neither and very kind hearted)

This person was abused by women and needed a shelter at Safehouse and the person was safe there. 


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